Dinamic Service Tool

DST, an exclusive tool developed by Pine Grove to check the availability of Sigfox coverage

  1. Select the product that you are interested in
  2. Enter the address where you want to install it
  3. Check the coverage result
VOLT device
Eallora VOLT

Indoor termometer

PASS device
Eallora PASS

Badge reader

COOLER device
Eallora COOLER

Temperature & humidity meter

ASK device
Eallora ASK

Request button

TERMO device
Eallora TERMO

Indoor termometer

WATCH alarm device
Eallora LEAK

Smart alarm indoor

WATCHSPOT out door device

Smart alarm indoor &outdoor

XSAFE home device
Eallora XSAFE

Perimeter control sensor

Ecco web

ECCO Products

Security – Monitoring & Control – Environment – Energy management – Geolocation – Request Buttons